In November 2018 when we premiered Last Out, we thought it was a one-time thing. In fact, not a single theatre in Tampa would let us in. We ended up renting the ballroom of a Marriott and bringing in our own stage, lights, and sound. We sold out to 300 people not knowing what to expect. The feedback afterward made it clear…we needed to take Last Out on the road.  

People from all over the country raised their hands to help us bring Last Out to their hometowns. They helped fundraise, pass out flyers, cook meals, sell tickets, book venues, and contact local media. They opened their homes and their lives to our mission. Very quickly we turned The Heroes Journey 501c3 non-profit into a full-on production company and started the first leg of our national tour.

From February 2019 to January 2020 we traveled over 26,000 miles in a U-haul to 14 cities, performed 40 shows, honored over 500 veterans and Gold Star families, performed over 200 PTS interventions, and impacted over 5,000 lives. 

We performed everywhere from high school gymnasiums to Shea’s Theatre, from small towns like Brandon, Mississippi to NYC. We spoke with every audience and listened to their stories, adding new scenes to reflect what they shared. We connected with politicians from both parties and made lasting relationships with veterans, civilians, and organizations all over the nation.  

LAST OUT is produced by The Heroes Journey and made possible by the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Gary Sinise Foundation