A Review by David Siegel 


Last Out is a raw emotional journey with no illusions as its core value.

It is an intense confessional about military service and the effects on family, told from multiple perspectives. It is no sanitized, pretty TED Talk with nifty projections from practiced narrators. Last Out, a short-run, touring production, begins with trigger warnings about its content; the least of which is its strong earthy language. Last Out is a unique wartime tale not about those first in to where few tread, but those last out, with a military spouse front and center to the unraveling story about sacrifice.


Review | ‘Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret’


To the civilians in the audience untouched by the hardships of war, Last Out shows the toll of deployment on military families, and the difficulty of the double life lived by service people, who move between warzones that have molded their identities and cozy, American comfort. A new conflict emerges from this transition — the fight against PTSD and the search for meaning after the return from war. 


A Review by Col. Dave Phillips


…a tragic love story of the highest order that is filled with historical accuracy ranging from Special Forces in Vietnam through Afghanistan that included three generations of a family’s pain-filled stories. Scott clearly understands the screenwriting craft and has managed to create very alive characters, fast-paced action, compelling dialogue and speech (including profanity), with pacing that held the full attention of the audience with no slow points during the entire 85 minutes of the play. This is the most emotionally compelling play I’ve ever seen – and is well ahead of most war movies and books. Hemingway came to mind as I drove away.


A Review of ‘Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret’

Now, I thought I was ready for whatever they’d throw at me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. As in war, the whole show was pretty heavy, start to finish. And, as in war, the aftermath was totally unexpected. There were some real surprises in the Q&A session, with the cast, at the conclusion of the show.


A Review by Ron Lundquist


This experience has forever opened my eyes and I have gained a stronger appreciation for those who have given so much. This is a play that must and will gain ground to higher levels and will touch the hearts of audiences for years to come throughout  the nation.

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