Countdown to The Premier of Last Out: A Voice Never Heard








You’ve been seeing the headlines. The situation in Afghanistan is chaotic and tragic. The question being asked repeatedly is, “Was this war a waste of time, money and lives?”. We believe that is not that case at all. But, we’ll leave that debate to those who feel it necessary to sit on the sidelines and be critics. Here’s what we do know…our troops valiantly fought to keep global terror at bay and give the Afghan people a chance at a better life from Taliban tyranny in the process. If anything, the scenes we’ve been seeing prove that the violent extremist enemy is real and ruthless. That’s what our troops fought for…to minimize the threat to our nation from these same evildoers and to help our Afghan Partners exercise their right to live without fear for their lives every minute. To free the Oppressed. That story isn’t being told right now That’s why we made Last Out. We want to make sure that the lives of those who lost their lives and those who sacrificed by serving in Afghanistan, will never be forgotten.

So now, more than ever, we need your help to tell this story. To heal. To validate. To heal. To re-connect. We have the chance to continue to raise the awareness of the needs of our veterans, helping our Gold Star families and being a refuge for those running from Afghanistan toward freedom. It’s the reason we made this powerful play and why we are working to bring this story as a film to the entire nation. First we brought the play to cities around the country to thousands who were impacted by watching in 16 cities. Then, due to COVID we showed the play to tens of thousands during Memorial Day watch parties around the country.  Now, we are planning a national release on Veterans day. And we want you to be a part of this critical event and join us by watching a special release of the documentary of this play, Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret.

To make sure we promote healing and understanding by telling the story to as many people as possible, we have created a documentary called, Last Out: A Voice Never Heard. This documentary will air on the 20 year anniversary of 9/11, that fateful day which launched a 20 year war for our freedom and the freedom of the Afghan people. Our founder, Lt. Col (Retired) Scott Mann, Green Beret, wrote this play to honor those whose work and sacrifice go unnoticed by most but whose story of heroism should continue to be told and honored. So, please sign up to receive reminders and information you’ll need to view the documentary on 9/11/2021. And, share this with others. This is a powerful film and we have a special event you’ll also hear about, a way to pay it forward and to help the Afghan people as well as helping us keep the stories of our warriors and the families who love them, long after the Afghan guns go silent, so that we can heal and learn as as nation.

LAST OUT is produced by The Heroes Journey and made possible by Semper Capital Management